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Spring ... a time when flowers are jumping and leaping to capture your attention, let them succeed and brighten your home!

Daisies, tulips, daffodils and lilacs can decorate your kitchen table, mantle piece or hallway. The choice is vast, and we can cater to every household.

A candle, a vase, a decoration, nothing can be finer ...


Summer, a perfect blend of warm colours, both bright and light, can bring freshness throughout these three months of glowing sunshine.

Your gardens, terraces and interiors can appreciate the floral varieties. Orchid, lavender, poppy, carnation ...

Enhance your living areas and open up ‘home’ to new senses.


Bare trees, falling golden leaves, temperate colours, we are in autumn!

Fall’s freshness and taste restore moisture to your garden, and blooms return to place themselves firmly in your living spaces.

Get into the Halloween spirit, buy the costumes and candy for the children but don’t forget the pumpkins and floral arrangements that can bring enviable elegance to your home.